Conversations on COVID-19: Concerns, Challenges, and Solutions

BYTF Web Seminar: Corona Conversation

Bihar Young Thinkers Forum organized its Fourth Thinkers’ Meet on 30.07.2020 with eminent experts from various fields on ‘COVID-19: Concerns, Challenges, and Solutions’. In light of the worsening pandemic situation in Bihar and the challenges arising therefrom, the BYTF brought together professionals from diverse fields to enlighten the people regarding the problems and solutions to the COVID situation.

First Guest Speaker was Prof. (Dr.) Uma Kumar, HOD, Dept. of Rheumatology, AIIMS, New Delhi. Dr. Kumar initiated the participants into the basics of COVID-19 and detailed upon its symptoms, entry mechanism, and medium. She reiterated some practical precautions regarding using a mask, social distancing, and washing hands frequently. Ma’am explained various technologies currently in practice for diagnosis viz. the RT-PCR Test and Antigen detecting test. With a specific focus on Bihar, ma’am said that although the public health infrastructure is lagging behind a few states, still the medical community is doing its best to address the challenge. She also addressed queries of the participants and advised various precautions to take against the virus. She ended her talk on an optimistic note regarding the recovery rate being high, vaccination prospects, and overall a better tomorrow for humanity.

Shri Ajoy Sharma, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Coach, Certified Yoga Trainer, and Founder of Health Dalan (Canada), began his talk by explaining his life journey and initiation into Yoga at Munger School of Yoga. Shri Sharma made a detailed and informative presentation on the correlation between Vitamin D and COVID-19 caused mortality. He explained various sources of Vitamin D and its supplements. Sir also illustrated underlying conditions that have lead to increased fatality in the pandemic situation. Terming the current scenario as ‘Epidemic of Prosperity,’ sir suggested various methods like yogasanas, fasting, and workout to minimize the lifestyle disorders.

Shri Kunal, IAS, and current Chief Electoral Officer, Goa was the third speaker for the session. He illustrated the crucial role of administrative machinery and the health department in various states in the pandemic situation. Shri Kunal explained initiatives taken by the governments on various fronts. Answering questions from the participants, he also appealed to the people to follow the guidelines issued and precautions strictly. Reiterating the need for destigmatizing the COVID-19 situation and the need for social support for the infected, he called for increased public awareness. While praising the administration of Bihar and their handling of the reverse migration of workers, pandemic situation, and the flood, he called for upgradation of technology and rampant testing in the state. He also urged the already recovered persons to donate plasma to help the ailing. Shri Kunal stressed the benefits of using the Aarogya Setu app and contact tracing technology.

The insightful and invigorating session ended on a positive note. The speakers expressed hope that the role of civil society groups and forums like BYTF to support the health machinery in state and to create awareness among the society, would be pathbreaking.



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