How do we get system32 permission to save/rename/delete?

Brajesh Kumar Singh
2 min readJun 3, 2020

Its Quite Simple. I am answering this step wise.

  1. Copy the file to any other location.
  2. Modify that file and save it as per your need.
  3. Rename the file from system32 directory or delete it from there.
  4. Now copy the file (Created in Step 2 )to the same directory (System 32).

That’s Done!!

Also if you want to give the permission to do all this changes then these steps need to be followed.

  1. Go to System32 folder where you need to change permissions. Right-click on it and select Properties from the drop down list.
  2. The System32 Properties dialog box opens. Click on the Security tab and then select the Advanced button.
  3. Click on the Owner tab. Currently the name for Current Owner is Trusted Installer. To change the Owner, click the Edit button. Select the account you would like to change the Owner to which would normally be your account or the Administrators account.
  4. Click OK OK to exit out of System32 properties dialog box and returned to folder.Again right click on the System32 folder and open the Properties dialog box. Navigate to the Security tab and select the Edit button.
  5. Click on the Username in the list you want to edit the permissions for, which should be the same as the Current Owner of the folder. Tick the box to allow Full Control and click OK OK to exit out from menu.
  6. Now you are done and you will be able to delete and copy the files in System 32 Directory.

Let me know in case you need more help!!!



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