Meet Adarsh Chaturvedi: A Youth Sensation and a Rising Star

Brajesh Kumar Singh
3 min readJul 10, 2020
File Photo: Adarsh Chaturvedi

Adarsh Chaturvedi, a youth sensation and a rising star of the social media! From absolute scratch to someone reputation and success his journey is an inspiration. He began as a mere 14year old kid, who dreamt big. His idea of fun was different from other children’s of his age. He grinded his path towards success by gaining knowledge and experience from failures he came across. He knows knowledge is a process of constant learning and practising. He believes in sharing his knowledge. Failures didn’t back him down rather he took them as a stepping stone towards the goals he vision to achieve. With the positive vision and constant efforts, it made him who he is today! Adarsh Chaturvedi as a digital marketing consultant has worked with 350+ clients, and also provides coaching and workshops to teach others the mantra of the Digital market.

With the aim to provide affordable digital marketing services, he started his company Digital Adarsh in 2018 which has been a great hit in the Digital India program and is being widely accepted around the country.

As a social media influencer, his number of subscribers are just as impressive as him. His YouTube channel with 100k subscriber, 35k Instagram followers, 3.58million Liked followers, and 876.5k Tiktok followers out of which100k follower were in just 7 days. He learnt the power of social media and learnt the tactics to earn money and fame simultaneously with it. His most popular video was so hit that it crossed a massive 35+Million views!!! Adarsh Chaturvedi is one of the top tech video creator on YouTube & TikTok who has always managed to bring a smile on the face of his audience via his videos. He is the only TikTok creator who never does lip sync or copy anyone’s sound/content. He is an original content creator. He started making videos on YouTube when he was in the 9th and he used Youtube to gain popularity. He received a lot of criticism and at one point he wanted to give up. But, he didn’t and now he is the most popular YouTuber & TikTok star. He received the popular creator badge from TikTok in less than a month.
Adarsh’s story is an inspiration to millions and has set an example to everyone that with willingness to learn and hard work, even Everest of challenges can be conquered. He dedicates his success to his parents as they supported him and kept faith in him even when he struggled during his bad days.

As a successful mindset, he knows that passive income is the income which you can truly enjoy. That’s why he believes in digital income. Adarsh learnt the potential of Digital media at a very early age and his curiosity led him to create and to inspire youth with his creative and knowledgeable videos. Creating unique and interesting content is the main hurdle which he faces quite often but his sharp witted mind always comes with something that has a very great impression.

The road to success is never easy and everyone has to experience the hardships and challenges that life throws at them. Adarsh Chaturvedi faced those challenges gracefully, learning something new every moment he wasn’t just crossing hurdles, he was getting stronger and sharper every day. As the person grows, there are number of people who criticize them and so was the case with Adarsh but it didn’t budge him at all and he followed his dreams. With his success, he has also been awarded with many prestigious awards. Being an entrepreneur is challenging but the fun part is it is not bounded by age and Adarsh is the proof of it. So leave the laziness and demotivation behind because that’s the only thing which is keeping you and your dreams away from each other.



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